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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Shared Plates – A Kosher and Diverse Brooklyn Restaurant –

Shared Plates – A Kosher and Diverse Brooklyn Restaurant –

what would this look like in belfast?


cats and pigeons

second week at utc… it’s overwhelming and very busy. i guess there’s a rhythm but as it is new it just feels manic.

sometimes in various class discussions, its too simple, too get to the orthodox answer. i feel like i’m putting cats in pigeon aviaries. it strange to feel like i have lived in a different space and missed a bit of this.

d24 has fundamentally changed me. i interpret the book in a different way at times, its quite a lonely feeling. i don’t mean to suggest that i am right/correct/unorthodox but it is slightly disconcerting how easily boxable people and lives are at times in discussions.

i want to fit in. but connecting the mess of peoples lives, pain, experiences to God can’t be simple. not if we are really present with people and with our God.

this  will potentially be interesting how it develops.